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Who am I?


An existential question that is almost impossible to answer: who are you? People would usually answer the question through information that is already on their ID card: name, age, gender, race, etc. However, who we are is way more then our status, race or age. I could have those same aspects in me as someone else, but if we compare our experiences or our personality: it will be completely different. We change everyday; we become more mature or experienced then the day before so your answer would be too long or different if re-asked. The “I” cannot be defined and we cannot rely on the person we were 10 years ago. The basic information we have about ourselves clearly helps to understand where we come from or our values, however, it is not enough.who i am

Jimmy experiences this feeling through his whole life. He does not know who he is to the point that he gets a little bit lost. He decided to change his name after awhile since he does not associate himself with the name Jimmy anymore. His name is The Abominable Snowman. It is a monster’s name. He explains this decision by saying “I am not my childhood” (Chapter Hammer). His past made who he is till this day. He is a man with a really difficult past filled with deceptions. He decided to put his past away, but it kind of influences his way of being. For instance, it is really difficult for him to connect with people because of his past relationship with his parents. He even sometimes mentions his own name to cite events and dissociate his present and past self: “Maybe she had loved Jimmy, thinks Snowman” (61).

Many people can relate to Jimmy’s way of feeling. We all have been through times where we were lost or not sure of what we were doing. We sometimes try to get rid of some memories and Jimmy shows literally that, now, he is someone else.

If you meet someone that you have not seen for 10 years, do you think he would perceive you the same way?what


Atwood, M. (2003). Oryx and Crake. Toronto: Vintage Canada. Print.


3 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. This is very related to the human life as everyone change but people tends to only think about the negative changes. Sometimes, I feel like change is a good thing and in fact, every human change and it’s all about others see you. I agree with you when you said that the present self of one is built from that person’s past. I think we can all agree on when people say someone has changed, it seems like a negative statement but I think that it should instead be a positive statement since everyone changes and even though one might have changed negatively, there’s always some positive in it. Therefore, Jimmy sees his past self as a failure and changed his name to Snowman because he finds that there is no more association between his present self and his past self which gives him another fresh start. In sum, I think change is a phase that every human go through and as much as there are bad changes, there is at least a few good changes which makes one unique and respected by others.


  2. Really great post! I enjoyed your point of view as it made me reflect on my own life and how I interpret myself or how others do. Thinking about your question, if I had randomly bumped into someone that I had not seen for 10 years, I would definitely think they changed, and that person probably thinks the same of me. When I say change, I don’t mean it in a bad way, we change as humans through experiences we encounter. We all grow up and are moulded into something we previously weren’t. Change is good if we keep our good intentions in place.


  3. If I were to ask the question that you have raised which is: If you meet someone that you have not seen for 10 years, do you think he would perceive you the same way? I would answer no.
    I do not think that an individual would perceive another the same way they did ten years ago. As time goes by, an individual changes. We change every second, minute, hour, and year. Some times we may not immediately notice that we are in the process of changing but we realize it after.
    I find it interesting how you say that Jimmy’s past made him who he is today since it reflects our reality as well. The person we are today, reflects who we were yesterday. Although we change over the years, some bits of the past remain unchanged and follow us as we grow.


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