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Why The Craze in MaddAddam ?

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614725217a0609f06942d0994d7c6610         Hurrah! What an amazing way to end a fictional story? Margaret Atwood shows great excellence in installing her belief in love, environmental wars, and death. Jimmy and Crake give a typical example of how individuals would live amidst hatred and imbalanced societal norms. The community was full of rage and hatred as shown by Zeb. Additionally, Atwood (2013) uses the past to indicate its effect on the present life (p. 34). MaddAddam in the most perfect show of the need to order life and ensure properly made decisions.

Greatly impressive is the innovation of young Crake. Thinking without bounds to exploit what life would be with a strange introduction to it. I would give him a benefit of doubt because of his age; however, Crake is too explicit in showing the lifestyle of the extinct animals. I am yet to realize the importance of genital color change among the lost mammals. Violence and hatred are characters that ought not to be highly regarded in the society. Jimmy and Crake facilitate the many instances that were bent on evil (Atwood 32). The hype for physical gratification is a destructive fact to be embraced. However, Margaret has fulfilled her mission in educating the public.

Atwood (2013) shows in her novel issues relating to the loss of values in the contemporary society (p. 30). The results of such changes are also made clear in the submission of the novel. Not many people are willing to pay the price for morality and high value standards. Everyone is seeking to meet a fleshly desire now and not later. There is a continuous degradation of principles in the society today; a fact that has introduced the unwanted cases of dangerous wars. There are many nations in wrangles within and around their boundaries. In other states still, child prostitution and other antisocial characters are on the rise.

Why would the characters survive the great flood and be oblivious about the safety of their lives immediately after? In wonder, one would realize the shaky moral values instilled in the MaddAddamites’ community. The trilogy being preached does now end up helpful to Toby as religion would a man (Atwood 52). The cultural misunderstandings and the accompanying jealousy shapes the characters lives and beliefs in life. This is quite close to the nurturing of common convictions in any society. The environment provides the direction that one’s life must take.

Atwood, Margaret. MaddAddam Trilogy. New York: Random House, 2013. Print


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