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Did Atwood predict America`s future?


So I`m guessing you all know about Donald Trump being America`s 45th president and just doing such an amazing job.  Excuse the sarcasm throughout the blog but while the subject is here, Atwood has some very enormous similarities to her wall in The  Year of the Flood and Trump’s wall.

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Look at that beauty of a thing.  So Atwood wrote about a fence between Texas and the other states which eventually became a wall because there were too many Texmex`s (I believed they were called) were getting over the fence so they built a wall.  It`s very similar to what`s going on in the states right now as well but with Mexico.  Trump, during the election`s, said he was going to build a wall, then he said he was going to build a fence, and now look what it`s turned into.  A very noticeable wall.  Trump is doing this to keep out immigrants (also creating the Muslim ban and working with ISIS) because America is being overpopulated and wants to “Make America Great Again“.  Atwood also wrote this for similar reasons.

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Also I feel like Atwood has predicted many other things but this one seemed to be the most surprising because she has a lot of knowledge on science so her predictions in the subject of science is a bit easier to predict.  also the fast that there are so many movies like Sci-Fi’s, we could also predict and make up many things that could possibly happen in the future.  Politics is a different story.  Politics can change a lot and be unpredictable.  Many politicians say that they`re going to do a certain thing but never do it.  At least Trump keeps his word…  Also we may never know how elections can turn out,who will be our next president, what new laws may pass, etc.  Some subjects or laws may have been talked about for a long time but just hasn’t happened yet.  For example, how Canada`s minimum salary should be 15 dollars.  But this wall has been talked about since 2009 (when Atwood wrote The Year of the Flood) so Atwood possibly did predict the  future.

In all seriousness, Atwood did write this in her book and it is now becoming a thing in reality.  Do you think she could predict or has already predicted other things? If so, how do you feel about it becoming a possibility?

A youtube video about the fence/wall/we dont know anymore and also other controversial ujects:

Sources of pictures:*&spf=192

The year of the Flood, Margaret Atwood, McClelland and Stewart, 2009, Ontario


2 thoughts on “Did Atwood predict America`s future?

  1. About the wall, I don’t think that Atwood predicted the situation of America, but that she just simply emphasized what was already there. Rich communities build a fence around their area, the famous American Dream depicts a white picket fenced house, more developed countries have better border barriers. As disappointing it is that the United States chose to be represented by someone who is so openly willing to close their doors, I am not surprised about it. Thus, Margaret Atwood did not foresee the future, she just exaggerated her present time, which came out to be true.

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  2. I totally agree with you on that point. After discussing it with a couple of people it’s kind of like the wall of China for example. It’s been repeating through history and America is just doing it as well. So yes I completely agree


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