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Man of Science, Man of Faith

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In Margaret Atwood’s novels, I have always been intrigued by the contrasting characters. In Oryx and Crake there as Jimmy and Crake and in The Year of the Flood there is Rea and Toby. However, today I will be focusing on Adam One and Crake.

Adam One’s approach to solving problems and the way he leads his life and the lives of others is through his religion, The God’s Gardeners. At one point in the novel, in an effort to explain what his people could be going through, Adam One says “For the Waterless Flood is coming, in which all buying and selling will cease, and we will find ourselves thrown back upon our own resources, in the midst of God’s bounteous Garden” (Atwood 126). This quote lets the reader know that Adam One is explaining the phenomenon of the Flood in a more spiritual way, basing his assumptions on the unknown. He decides to attribute everything on Earth and everything that happens on Earth to God.

Crake takes a completely different way of explaining things and seeing life. His perfect life is a world where there is no God and no religion. It is evident through at least two major points in the story that he is not a “Man of Faith”. First is purely based on the fact that he decides to wipe out nearly everyone on the planet and the second instance is when he explicitly states that he doesn’t want the Crakers to have art that could start a snowball effect into religion.

This contrast made me think of one of my favourite tv shows, Lost. Lost ran for six seasons on ABC from 2004-2010 and encompasses of a wide range of genres with a plethora of characters. The two characters that I will focus on are Jack and Locke. Jack, a doctor, takes a similar view of life to Crake (although obviously less extreme). They both are more rationale and are looking for truths that can be identified and seen. Locke, a more spiritual man, similarly to Adam One takes on a more faith-based doctrine to balance out Jack’s lack of belief in the unknown.

The season 2 premiere is called Man of Science, Man of Faith which comes from a confrontation between the two characters in the season 1 finale. Here is the clip:

Throughout the course of the series, these two characters debate on nearly everything. The clip shows them arguing about WHY they are on the  island in the first place, each taking a different approach.

Do you think life would be better if we lead it using science or religion?

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