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In year of the flood many themes and ideas are expressed. It makes the reader more engaged with the story and makes the story more interesting. In The Year of the Flood the main character Ren and Toby are fighting for their lives trying to survive this epidemic that Crake caused. So throughout the novel we see a lot of survival tactics which I found interesting. We could relate such tactics to the Native Americans and their traditions.

In the year of the flood we see that mainly Toby uses many tactics and strategies to keep her and the other characters alive and well. One example is when she uses a home aid remedy to help out Ren. She ends up using maggots which is an old way of curing people in the book. Native Americans also used such remedies. Native Americans used leaves and sometimes even food to cure their sick. So we see a relation on how Toby and native Americans use old tactics for survival. Also Native Americans would usually be in tribes. A relation of this is what we see is in the book. We see this from the gardeners, there like a tribe because they support each other and stick with one another. We see how this is also another important technique for survival and dates back to the Native Americains.Margaret Atwood made Toby a lot like an native American in the book Year of the flood. Maybe this was a way of showing the reader that age old traditions are not only important to remember because of history and culture. But also because it could help us when it seems like there is no hope left for survival.

Native American medicine

This theme and idea is very thought provoking. Do you think that age old traditions are important to hold onto for survival benefit? Also do you think that people will someday completely move onto old traditions?



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  1. I really enjoyed this post! As I was reading the book, I found it very interesting too how Toby would use old school remedies to cure the sick. Making a connection to the Gardeners and native people is intriguing but also very accurate; they share similar customs like you mentioned. Also, thinking about your question, I think natural is the way to go. Nowadays there seems to be a fix for everything with some kind of pill but that stuff is all chemically synthesized. I totally prefer the old way of using completely natural elements like poppies. And for your question on would people eventually convert to using old traditions..well I sure hope we do one day.


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