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What would a World of nothing but Perfection be like

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The theme of perfection is arisen through Margaret Atwoods Maddaddam Triology. I find it very interesting how this theme is brought up and how her novels somewhat show individuals who haven’t reached perfection while others have been designed to be perfect; they are know as the Crakers.

As I have come across this theme, I have come to think of what would a world of nothing but perfection be like. Would human beings simply be happy? Or on the contrary, would perfection lead to our unhappiness?

Not the pursuit of happiness but the pursuit of PERFECTION

In the long run, I believe that pursuing perfection would somewhat lead to one’s unhappiness which could then lead to their own destruction. We shouldn’t want to attain perfection; we should just accept ourselves. We may want to improve ourselves but we must not want perfection as us individuals are perfect just the way we are. We have been brought up into this world as all being different from one another which is what makes us unique. If we were to live in a world were there was nothing but perfection, we would not be able to evolve nor to learn and to educate ourselves. In life, we fail and we do mistakes and these mistakes are the ones which allow us to educate ourselves. If we were perfected beings, what would be left to learn? What would we learn from? Who would we learn from? I guess by just talking about it, it is somewhat hard to think about.


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The idea of perfection may certainly vary from a person to another. I may have a certain perception of what perfection is while someone else may consider it as being something completely different.

My in class presentation about this topic has inspired me to think more in depth about the topic and to write this blog as I believe that we must all like ourselves for who were are. I know that some of you might think that it seems “cheesy” and that in our world, we all want to attain perfection but I think that that shouldn’t be the case. Why want to attain perfection while we could just strive for progress; just be a better you than being someone who aren’t.


Our IMPERFECTION is what makes us PERFECT

Personally, I think that it is our imperfection that makes us perfect. The fact that we are all different and unique makes us perfect. We should all embrace our imperfection.

The second book in Margaret Atwood’s trilogy, The Year of Flood, presents the topic of perfection and how at the end, perfection was the route to destruction of humanity rather than it being the route to happiness.

What is perfection? Does it actually exist?

According to me, perfection is just an idea that we have created. It is an idea that does not represent reality. It is not realistic.


One thought on “What would a World of nothing but Perfection be like

  1. I agree with you. Striving for perfection is impossible as everyone’s ideas of perfection is different. There is no common ground when it comes to the idea of perfection. However, even so, I don’t think perfection truly exists, the same why that I believe that all humans are at least a little bit hypocrites. It is impossible for someone to be 100% pious or 100% honest all the time. I consider myself as someone honest who follows the law, but have I ever Jaywalked? yes, but I still do consider myself as someone who follows the law. I guess the only one who we could call perfect is God, but what makes God perfect? How is God perfect? (btw I’m not religious) Everyone could have a different opinion about it.
    Also, I agree with the fact that striving for perfection will only bring us suffering if we are not able to attain it. Nonetheless, we won’t ever be able to attain it, because as I mentioned before, perfection does not exist. Everyone has weaknesses. As long as one is human, one cannot be perfect.
    Of course that is my opinion about perfection based on what I learned by observing, hearing and learning about other people and their experiences.


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