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As I flipped the first pages of the Maddadam, I was very interested on the Crakers’ behaviour. Based on the first two books, the Crakers are the perfect creatures for the next generations. Therefore, everything about them is considered perfect and they possess the characteristics that will supposedly lead to better generations. As I read how the author described the Crakers in the first few pages, I learnt that they were actually very curious creatures. Since the second book, they seemed curious but I wasn’t certain until I started reading the Maddadam which confirmed my hypothesis. In fact, the Crakers asks about everything and follow whoever they want out of curiosity. For example, in the Cobb House, when Croze went to bed, he was followed by some of the Crakers because they were curious. To me, it feels like their ways of acting is purely from curiosity as they have just arrived in their world.

With that being said, since Crake said the Paradice Project was to produce perfect humans. I was wondering if curiosity is considered perfect. After reading a few articles, I found an interesting quote stating:

“Curiosity is a double-edged sword with many benefits, but also a dark side.” (Bergland, C., 2016)

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Personally, I agree with this claim because in general; we think it is a good thing to be curious since all babies need that characteristics to develop practical reasoning in the future. But, I also think that curiosity also has a bad side just like a double-edged sword. For example, I am sure everyone can relate that there was one time in your life that you had wished you didn’t heard something. This is just a small example but it can also be very dangerous. For example, if you overheard that your friend is a murderer and you start acting scared with that person. Afterwards, when that friend learns that you know his true identity because of you overhearing his true identity from someone else, he will eventually get rid of you right? On the other hand, if you acted normal and assumed him as a regular friend, everything could have been prevented as the murderer have no reason to kill you.

Finally, I think curiosity is essential in life but too much curiosity? I don’t think so.

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Crakers, the peak of human evolution?

After reading Oryx and Crake, it seems to me that this is how our world will eventually be. For many years, everyone have had their own personal problems and how much of an impact it had on their lives. These problems such as depression, addiction, drugs and much more have ruined a lot of people lives. In the novel, that is what Crake is saying. For example, he claims that jealousy is stupid and shouldn’t be something that human should be experiencing. Thereafter, he created the Crakers which are supposed to be the “best” state of a human and the perfect one. As I finished the book and realized that Jimmy will probably just kill off the other human beings, I thought to myself that there will be no more evolution after everyone dies. The Crakers will be left and that’s it. Humans that are similar to robots and do not feel any emotions. Are they the perfect humans? They’re created by Crake, a smart individual, but was he smart enough to the point where he knew that human couldn’t evolve more? In other words, did he predict that the Crakers would be the peak of human evolution? Personally, I think not. As of today, scientists are studying and are seeking for a better future for the future generations. Therefore, in order to do so, there is a lot of failed projects that are contributing to the better of society and if there’s no mistake, there’s no evolution. How would we know that something is wrong unless we tried it before? I think we can all agree on this. With that being said, going back to the Crakers, if they’re the “perfect” human, there won’t be any errors and there’ll be no evolution in my opinion. Since the Crakers are so systematic and perfectionist, creative ideas won’t come to mind and they won’t be looking to doing any projects for a better future.  In sum, if that’s the peak of human evolution, then I believe our future lives will be very systematic with no emotions involved.

I, personally, think that humans will keep evolving as long as we’re all creative and aren’t afraid to fail in our projects. Ever since I was a kid, I still believe one day, we’ll be able to fly and even today, I still believe that day will eventually come as there’s always evolution in life. Here’s an article as to why failure leads to success.