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Personification: Not just a literary device.

Pigs with human brain tissue and multiple human organs to be grown and eventually harvested. These are what the pigoons are meant to be. The concept of it may seem far-fetched to some, but here we are in 2017, an era where we take a few more steps into the MadAddam universe. Organs and tissue donors are hard to find and there is a long list of people who need them. Scientists have found oddly familiar answers.


Chimeras are no longer mere fantasy and are being studied closely in order to help humanity. In fact, the Maryland University of Medicine are studying and experimenting with ways to make pig organs usable for humans. They have already managed to filter human blood through pig lungs. Now, they are injecting pig embryos with human cells and put the embryos into grown female pigs to carry for a few weeks before being removed and studied some more.


From animals to plants, no living being is spared from human testing. Now, spinach is found to be able to build or be used as human heart tissue. This is done by growing human cells on the leaves. The leaf’s veins can replicate human veins. Studies are ongoing and the scientists feel that other types of leaves can be turned into tissue for other parts of the human body. The test they conducted transformed the spinach leaf into a miniature human heart. They plan on improving their techniques.


Human leaves and pigoons may not be so for off into the future. Of course, there is much controversy in what is being done in these experiments, but the tests have already been done. Our science is becoming eerily similar to that of Atwood’s MadAddam universe. Well, what do you think? Is science going in the right direction? Or are we tampering with things beyond our understanding? If we continue down this path, where exactly will we stop?


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Young man grants immortality! His methods will shock you!

Crake erased the Crakers’ fear of death, but has he given them a way to live?

Crake took it upon himself to become a god of sorts, a creator for a new and improved human race, the Crakers. He improved upon man’s physical body and took away from our minds what he deemed useless: art, religion and a fear of death. This, according to him, would make the Crakers perfect and immortal. What he forgot however, would cost him dearly. The Crakers aren’t numbers people. In fact, numbers the way Crake views them is a foreign and all too complicated concept for them.

Before numbers, before all the complexity of the world was understood, what did early man do? They made art. What did they do when they did not understand something? They interpreted it and created religion. What made man seize the day? Our fear of death shaped our very being. Crake said it himself, without one generation, humanity will collapse. With nobody to explain numbers, why did he expect the Crakers to not turn to the simplicity of interpretations?

Even now with all the technology around us, who amongst us is not prone to overthinking? Who here can claim that they do not interpret the world through their own eyes? Crake did so as well: he followed things to their logical conclusions, but from his own perspective. He ignored what makes us human, what differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom: our vast learning experiences, our critical thinking, our imagination.



Crake left the Crakers without any of what early man had, no art, no religion and no fear of death. Crake left the Crakers with no way to defend themselves against natural disasters since they would not fear death. He took away their way of understanding each other through art. He left them dead, without any way to truly live, without a way to understand themselves and the world around them in their own individual way. Then, they found art and started interpreting the world around them. In the end however, what did Crake intend the Crakers to do without art, without interpreting and understanding the world around them? Unable to use complex mathematics and unable to make sense out of everything they don’t know, what would they have done?


Crake killed mortality, but to not fear death, one must be dead. Thus, the Crakers live.