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The Ice is Melting

Polar bears are one of the species who are currently the most affected by climate change. As the earth keeps warming up, the polar bears will have no other option then to slowly start heading south. Is the human race so faulty that we will not realise the harm we are doing until a polar bear moves in next door to one of us. Polar bears are perfectly designed for life in the arctic. Their fur allows them to easily blend in, their bigger paws are built to facilitate swimming between pieces of ice, etc. Unfortunately, due to the warming of the planet their natural habitat is disappearing. The food they have always relied on is becoming harder and harder to catch. Not because their hunting skills are declining but simply because their access to this food is melting. This will eventually force the polar bear to adapt or die. Atwood tackles this subject in her book The Year of the Flood.

In her book the human response to this problem is typical human behavior. Instead of pausing and changing are ways in order to reverse the melting of the polar bears natural habitat. We come up with the brilliant idea of flying in are organic waste to the arctic, in order to feed them. Thus allowing us to continue are destructive behavior, god help us! It is my hope that the real life solution we will come up with, will not mimic anything that even remotely resembles the Bearlift Company.



We as Canadian are the closest human neighbours to the polar bear. What is bad for them will eventually be bad for us. What is good for them is good for us.

When you realise that decisions you have been taking are generating negative consequences. Do you go back and change those initial behaviors or do you find a way to adapt to those negative consequences?



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All this hard work

All it takes to end in all, is one man with a sinister plan and the resources to carry it through. It’s not hard to imagine such a man because he is unfortunately alive and very well resourced, he goes by the name Kim Jung-Un. In the first novel of the MadAdamm trilogy, Crake and Oryx, written by Margaret Atwood, she creates a character who wants to end it all and who has the smarts and resources to carry it through and he does. The difference between these two individuals is that Crake wants to destroys humanity because he is under the impression that it needs saving, maybe it does maybe it doesn’t. On the other hand Kim Jun-Un appears to simply be on a power trip and wants to go down in the history books as a great and powerful dictator, he seems to believe that destroying a sizeable amount of our planet will get him there. Another difference between these two is that Crake carried out his plan to completion. Kim Jun-Un is working out his plan as I write this, with constant new missile launches and international assassinations. He is trying to insert a nuclear warhead on one of his long range missile, which would be able to reach the coast of the United States of America.

What scares me the most about characters such as Crake and Kim Jun-Un is that as I go about my life putting in the effort so that my life is an enjoyable and meaningful.There are mad men out there. These mad man may be getting closer and closer to achieving their dream of burning the world down.

So I ask  myself do I prefer knowing about the existence of such men, who have plans like these? I would bet on the fact the for every Kim Jun-Un that we know about, their are hundreds like him, just under the radar, who have the same sinister desires.

My answer is no, I don’t wanna know. I just wanna wanna put in the effort, make a difference and enjoy my life. Hoping that no one blows everything up in the process.