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Could you possibly have the perfect child?

We see a lot of things you can change about yourself physically like your hair, your skin color, your eye color, nails, clothes, lips, etc.  Can it go so far to changing DNA?  Apparently, yes it can.  In the book The Year of the Flood we see how you can genetically change and how research now can actually make it happen.

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In Atwood’s book, we see that there are many things that can be changed but one of the major ones is DNA.  Throughout the book, DNA changes can be the babies so they can have a “perfect child”, the Crakers, etc.  This has now become a reality.  You will soon be able to change the DNA in a baby which is called CRISPR.  Doctors and scientist’s would use this to eliminate certain diseases and “cure” them before they’re even born.  Some diseases are Huntington’s Muscular Dystrophy, sickle-cell anemia, hereditary diseases and can also edit genes in the germ line (sources will be listed below).

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Doctors are scared of this going too far and creating a mutant or genetic mutation that can endanger the mother, the baby itself and even the human species.  Well, in Margaret Atwood’s novel the did more than enough splices like pigoons, wolvogs, rakunk, etc.  Eventually, Crake was able to go so far as to make another species called the Crakers which are supposedly better than humans.  This is what doctors in reality are scared of happening so this becomes are very controversial topic.

So changing DNA is actually going to become something very real and very scary.  Do you think we should approve of changing DNA or should we just let it go?  What could happen if we go through with it?

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Did Atwood predict America`s future?

So I`m guessing you all know about Donald Trump being America`s 45th president and just doing such an amazing job.  Excuse the sarcasm throughout the blog but while the subject is here, Atwood has some very enormous similarities to her wall in The  Year of the Flood and Trump’s wall.

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Look at that beauty of a thing.  So Atwood wrote about a fence between Texas and the other states which eventually became a wall because there were too many Texmex`s (I believed they were called) were getting over the fence so they built a wall.  It`s very similar to what`s going on in the states right now as well but with Mexico.  Trump, during the election`s, said he was going to build a wall, then he said he was going to build a fence, and now look what it`s turned into.  A very noticeable wall.  Trump is doing this to keep out immigrants (also creating the Muslim ban and working with ISIS) because America is being overpopulated and wants to “Make America Great Again“.  Atwood also wrote this for similar reasons.

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Also I feel like Atwood has predicted many other things but this one seemed to be the most surprising because she has a lot of knowledge on science so her predictions in the subject of science is a bit easier to predict.  also the fast that there are so many movies like Sci-Fi’s, we could also predict and make up many things that could possibly happen in the future.  Politics is a different story.  Politics can change a lot and be unpredictable.  Many politicians say that they`re going to do a certain thing but never do it.  At least Trump keeps his word…  Also we may never know how elections can turn out,who will be our next president, what new laws may pass, etc.  Some subjects or laws may have been talked about for a long time but just hasn’t happened yet.  For example, how Canada`s minimum salary should be 15 dollars.  But this wall has been talked about since 2009 (when Atwood wrote The Year of the Flood) so Atwood possibly did predict the  future.

In all seriousness, Atwood did write this in her book and it is now becoming a thing in reality.  Do you think she could predict or has already predicted other things? If so, how do you feel about it becoming a possibility?

A youtube video about the fence/wall/we dont know anymore and also other controversial ujects:

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