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Welcome to the blog for The MaddAddam Trilogy BXEc16, Winter 2017, Dawson College. I’m glad you made it.

These three books are fun to read but really dense. We’ll be using this space to blow them open in all kinds of ways. You can expect to see posts talking about new technologies or global events, others looking at the environment, or social or personal issues—pretty much everything under the sun, and all with seeds in ideas sparked by Atwood’s novels. When it’s your turn to post, you’ll get to shine some light on something that’s got your attention, and when you’re reading others’, there’ll be place in the comments to add your thoughts to other people’s points of view. I’ve posted the guidelines for posts and comments here and you can find samples of blog-writing here and here: read and jump in.

Have fun with this. Explore. Get people thinking. Talk back. Think, rinse, repeat. ;^)

Start the ball rolling and tell me what you think: are you a blog reader? have you written for a blog before? What makes a blog worth reading?


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